What makes me perform better

High performance at work requires a lot more from individuals and just necessities of life. It is difficult for every business leader to clearly understand what makes his/her team tick. HR interventions to identify actions required to keep a team motivated to deliver their best turns out academic. Compensation and Benefits based on national surveys lead to incremental dissatisfaction than solve the problem.

Key to performance originates from an individual level and spreads to the entire team. “Me” is first. But a team has me in it. In our high-performance-discovery-workshops, we always encounter the real “me” in every “team”. The factors that make a team tick always has a few common factors. But what matters to your performance and your team is the priorities of these factors. Once you discover the factors and the priority, you can devise methods to make sure it works for you and the team.

The recent workshop yielded this list – valid for the team. It is always a discovery!

Talk to us if you need to discover and develop your team into a high-performing-one!

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