The Power of Focus

We are working with the India centre of a global multi-national on their internal transformation journey. Interest being transforming from business support centre to global technology centre, we are working on all aspects of the organisation. In one of the streams, transformation of employee engagement is a key topic. We adopted a bottom-up approach to discover, design and deploy employee engagement programs to enable the transformation of the organisation. One of the findings during discovery was so striking to let us redesign the definition of performance.

People from operations team are always busy. They have loads of work every hour. They are measured on output. They are continuously monitored for performance - mostly availability at desk, solved tickets, re-opened tickets, SLA etc. They are so focused on getting-things-done, they do not participate in any organisational initiatives. Power of focus is what makes them perform well. So, everything other than assigned task is a diversion and performance suffers. They are talented, experienced and interested in contribution. But are unable to move above their tasks.

We worked with a cross-section of the operations team to help them visualise their next state of performance while contributing significantly to the core business of the company. One of the KPIs defined was - identifying and reporting golden nuggets in operations that can become a significant value-add for the company's core business. They come in the form of invention disclosures covering process tweaks, tools & techniques and new product ideas. In the last 3 months of institution, the team has produced over 15 invention disclosures. They are giving a tough fight to engineering and r&d teams. Making use of their power of focus for seamless transformation of the organisation.

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