Founder Fables – Integrity Fabric

“What makes you the best person to solve this problem you are going after? Why is your solution the best in class? Why do you say that current solutions are not upto the mark?” This is the difficult set of questions every founder has to face while trying to woo investors and prospects. They know that there’s no right or wrong answer here. But has potential to present a show stopper. Why?

The DNA – Desires, Needs and Abilities of Founders define initial driving forces of any Startup. While attracting core talent, key investors and paying customers, founders’s DNA shows up in varieties of ways. It is very important to pitch well and narrate personalised scenarios to get people interested in the venture. But what wins is the set of values demonstrated during the course. One major attribute serious investors and supportive customers look for is subscription to the value – Integrity.

Integrity : the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; the state of whole and undivided

If founders forget to wear the integrity fabric all through their journey, it shows up too quick and too well. Mostly when they are not open upfront or ready to speak about their background, experience, advisors, source of funds, real aspirations or fail to show detailed implementation plan,… people start questioning the credibility of the story and the craft.

Most of the investors and mentors we work with believe in three things – People, Product and Prospects in that order. They invest their time and money to help people build great products that have significant prospects for all. The first and foremost attribute they look for in People is Integrity.

Before you prepare for that much awaited investor pitch or big customer meeting or even embarking on finding great partners, do check your integrity fabric – in every aspect and fix it for good. Keep it on through the journey.

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